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Edge Profiles

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Edge Profiles

Edge profiles are an necessary finishing component of any countertop design.  They provide both a stylish and functional purpose to a counter by creating a smooth transition from the horizontal surface to the vertical edge.

1.5" Laminated Ogee Eased Edge

1.5″ Laminated Ogee Eased Edge

1.5" Laminated Ogee Bullnose Edge

1.5″ Laminated Ogee Bullnose Edge

1.5" Laminated Double Radius Edge

1.5″ Laminated Double Radius Edge

1.5" Laminated Double Eased Edge

1.5″ Laminated Double Eased Edge

1.5" Laminated Demi-Bullnose Edge

1.5″ Laminated Demi-Bullnose Edge

1.5" Laminated Bullnose Edge

1.5″ Laminated Bullnose Edge

1.5" Laminated Bevel Edge

1.5″ Laminated Bevel Edge

1.5" Laminated Baldwin Edge

1.5″ Laminated Baldwin Edge

Ogee Eased

An ogee eased edge has an intricate design. The edge of the countertop has a concave arch that flows into a convex arch at the top half of the edge detail while finishing the bottom half squared. This tends to give the profile a bolder look. The ogee creates a subtle “S” shape that is well suited to classic, traditional design more and has an air of luxury about them.

Ogee Bullnose

An ogee bullnose edge has the same concave and convex arch combinations at the top half of the edge detail as the ogee eased, but finishes off the bottom half as a semi-circle. This gives this edge a softer, subtle look.

Double Radius Edge

This edge is very similar to the double eased edge except that the radius of the top and bottom of the profile is a larger diameter, and the front of the edge is still flat. This allows the edge detail to keep a fairly modern look without such a sharp edge if desired.

Double Eased Edge

This edge is just shy of being squared, but the top and bottom have the slightest curve to them. They don’t look rounded – they’re filed just enough to add some softness to the edges while still keeping the appearance of straight lines and a flat profile. Both the top and bottom of the profile get the same rounded treatment.


Like its name suggests, the half bullnose is rounded along the top edge and squared off along the bottom. Its gentle slope creates an inviting tone and allows for easy cleanup.


From the side view, a bullnose edge looks like a half circle. The top and bottom are both rounded to create a perfect curve. It’s a softer profile than an eased edge, and it’s a great choice for high-traffic spaces, especially for homes with small children.


This profile has a 45-degree “chamfer” taken off along the edge, so it is angled instead of curved. It looks more modern than a bullnose edge, but it’s just as easy to clean and maintain. A beveled edge profile is one of the most popular on the market because it is compatible with so many different design styles.


Our baldwin edge has a crescent shape that places it right in between the half-circle of the full-bullnose edge and the flat squared edge of the double eased. This profile allows for a subtle hint of both modern and traditional styles. For a bolder looking profile without the chunky look of the double eased edge or the sleek look of a full-bullnose, this is the way to go!


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