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Marble & Onyx Bathrooms

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Marble is a popular choice for bathroom vanities, tub, and shower surrounds due to its timeless beauty. Its unique veining patterns and wide range of colors offer a natural touch of sophistication to any bathroom.  Marble is a durable material, capable of withstanding regular use in a bathroom environment. It is resistant to heat, scratches, and cracks.


Onyx features striking and unique patterns with rich colors, making it an ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance and visual interest to bathroom surfaces.  Onyx is a semitransparent stone that allows light to pass through it. This characteristic creates a captivating effect when backlit, giving the bathroom a warm and sophisticated ambiance. Installing onyx countertops or shower surrounds with backlighting can create a stunning centerpiece in the bathroom.

While onyx is a softer stone compared to granite or quartz, it is still durable enough for bathroom applications. When properly sealed, it can withstand the moisture and humidity often present in bathrooms without getting damaged or discolored.  However, it is important to note that the relative softness of onyx makes it more susceptible to scratches and chipping compared to harder stones.

Travertine is a natural stone, formed in mineral hot springs, that is a form of limestone and almost looks like marble. It is available in many earth colors, and has beautiful natural veining. Travertine is heat resistant, handling temperature changes well, and is less expensive than granite and some other marble types.  Take note that travertine is softer and more porous than marble, which makes it highly reactive to acidic liquids (causes staining) and it is also prone to scratching.  Regular sealing can prevent staining and preserve its appearance. In case of any damage or scratches, travertine is easy to repair.


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Is marble as durable as other stones used for countertops?

While marble is softer than granite or quartz, it is durable, easily able to withstand normal wear and tear. It is resistant to scratching and chipping, which makes it suitable for countertops where hot hair tools or sharp objects might be used. When properly sealed, marble can last for decades, maintaining its natural beauty and elegance over time.

Is marble resistant to heat?

Marble has a high heat resistance, making it ideal for bathroom countertops where hot hair tools or heated styling products may come into contact with the surface.

Is marble water resistant?

Marble is naturally porous, but can be sealed to enhance its water-resistant properties. When properly sealed and maintained, marble countertops, vanities, and shower surrounds can withstand water exposure without staining or damage.

Are marble countertops easy to maintain?

Marble requires regular maintenance, including sealing, to prevent staining or etching from acidic substances. However, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain using mild soap and water.


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